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Corn Brooms - Miscellaneous (Light-duty use)

Vendor Information

Evansville Association for the Blind
500 Second Ave. P.O. Box 6445

Evansville, IN

Phone: 812-422-1181
Fax: 812-424-3154

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Item:Corn Brooms - Miscellaneous (Light-duty use)
Item Description 1:All sweep heads individually wrapped in poly sleeve, Wooden handles
Note 1:SUP# 160 - 6" corn sweep, wire banded, clear lacquered handle, 11" in height
Note 2:SUP# 100 - Corn sweep, 7 1/2" sweep surface, wire banded, red painted handle, 29" in height
Unit of measure:Dozen (DZ)
Minimum order:one (1) Dozen
Shipping Note:Price includes shipping across Indiana.
Peoplesoft Vendor:Evansville Association for the Blind, #13051
Description:Corn & Corn/Blended Fibers.
Corn Brooms: