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Ability Indiana
615 N. Alabama St., Ste. 410 Formerly Smart Partners Alliance, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: (317) 634-4957
Fax: (317) 634-3221

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Item:Janitorial / Cleaning Services
Note 1:Quality Control: A minimum of quarterly on-site inspections and ongoing communication is an integral part of our Program. The Employment Centers maintain a high standard of excellence by employing qualified and capable workers, by using proper equipment and supplies, by ongoing inspections, and by strong management support.
Note 2:For additional information or to request a quote, please contact the Ability Indiana office via email or phone 317.639.4957 (ask to speak with an Ability Indiana representative)
Description:The customized janitorial, cleaning and other property services provided by the Ability Indiana Program, offers trained and supervised workers to meet customer's specifications and can assist you with identifying cleaning standards needed at your property throughout Indiana. Contact Wes Bickers at or Asher Weaver at for more information
Janitorial / Cleaning Services: