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Ice Melt De-icer

Vendor Information

Bosma Enterprises
6270 Corporate Dr.

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-684-0600
Fax: 317-871-8145

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Item:Ice Melt De-icer
SUP Item #:6850-01-598-1946. 6850-01-598-1926, 6850-01-598-1933
Sizes:10lb Box, 20lb Box, 40lb Box
Unit of measure:Per Box
Minimum order:One (1) Box
Peoplesoft Vendor:Bosma Enterprises, # 9968
Description:Special coating and unique shape promotes superior melting. Easy to see colored granules promote even coverage of target area. Effective at temperatures to -16 degrees Farenheit. Organic anti-caking agents increase shelf life and decrease waste. Environmentally-friendly product - safer for plant life - environmentally-friendly packaging.