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Leather Palm Work Gloves (Regular Grade)

Vendor Information

Bosma Enterprises
6270 Corporate Dr.

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-684-0600
Fax: 317-871-8145

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Item:Leather Palm Work Gloves (Regular Grade)
QPA #:13148
SUP Item #:100149731, 100149732, 100149733, 100149734
Note 1:Other non-QPA work glove styles are available for special order. Contact us for additional information.
Unit of measure:Pair (PR)
Minimum order:Six (6) pairs (Customer can mix/match "like" items)
Shipping Note:Price includes shipping across Indiana.
Peoplesoft Vendor:Bosma Enterprises, # 9968
Description:Split cowhide with knuckle straps and 2" cuffs for safety
Size, SUP: